Welcome to the Art Room!

by | Sep 8, 2021

Hi and welcome! This blog serves as a window into the creative work of our students from PreK-12th grade here at Flint Hills Christian School (FHCS). My name is Amy Foutch and I am honored to be the art teacher at FHCS since the fall of 2020. I hope you are inspired by what you see over the course of this year!

I want to first take a minute to thank the families for fulfilling the eyebrow-raising supply list. So far, the supply list has changed each year with items that don’t especially scream “art class” but (thanks to you all) I have bins of sharpies, masking tape, soap bars, and shelves and shelves of polystyrene trays. Thank you!! These are all materials the students will be using to explore various art-making techniques. I’ll keep you guessing what bizarre item will be on there for next year.

I learned the crucial lesson in my first year of teaching that the art room is first a classroom and second a creative space. As an artist, it is so easy to just want to jump into the fun stuff! I brainstormed some new strategies over the summer including the color-coded tables you see in the image to help with classroom management. In addition, I am introducing centers into our PreK-1st grade program, and something I’m calling Art Curator to teach art appreciation and critique for elementary and secondary students. Kindergarten is shown a Look-and-Find image each week to initiate this practice.

The hallways are still bare because our initial classes, especially at the elementary level, have focused on the rules and procedures of the classroom. Several classes enjoyed a competitive supply scavenger hunt around the room using fly swatters to earn points for their table teams. Various grades have had some fun read-alouds thrown in such as Monsters Love School, Cat Likes Red, The Art Teacher is Weird, We Don’t Eat Our Classmates, and If I Built A School (FHCS is currently undergoing a school expansion!). I love incorporating children’s literature so you will see some more titles throughout the year! 

I am ready to get into the art-creating process with these wonderful students in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you check in again to see what our artists are up to at Flint Hills Christian School!