Waters & Land – PreK

by | Oct 9, 2021

PreK continues to recite Genesis 1:1 at the start of each art class. Creation Day 2 began with a line design page using blue markers for the separation of the waters. Students added cotton balls for clouds in the sky portion of their pages. We finished Day 2 with a science experiment called “Rain in a Jar” and each student got to participate in a role of the water cycle experiment.

Creation Day 3 was a lot of prep work but definitely worth it for the fun had by the students and the art project outcome! On Day 3 God made land and vegetation. Students made abstract landscapes using colored tissue paper on contact paper … which is like a giant sticker. It is wonderful stuff to avoid a glue mess! Students watched the last few minutes of an Ask the Storybots episode “How Do Flowers Grow?” as we finished up the project.

I include centers and video portions because one of the challenges that exist PreK-12 is that students work at different paces; some students take a few minutes to do what others take the whole class to complete. Idleness leads to trouble (and a messy art room). I always try to encourage the fast workers to go back and revise their work but sometimes it’s thoughtfully and effortfully done – they just work fast! I love watching the ones who take their time and are so intentional or methodical about their work. Every child is different and I think their artwork expresses that well!