Upper Elementary Art Update

by | Sep 24, 2021

The upper elementary students are this wonderful and weird blend of totally excitable and totally too-cool for me. And I love it!  They humor me and may be some of the most attentive students in the school. I’ve especially loved the dialogue that’s come from showing a famous (or not so famous) artwork each week to discuss. These students have some great observations and thoughts!

The 4th graders recently looked at the sports-themed artwork of Ernie Barnes. The students used most of the first art class time just discussing this artist’s work!! *art teacher swoon* This theme seemed timely just as football season returns and I connected this artist’s work, also, to summer 2020 (but actually 2021) Olympics. The students followed measurements to section out a large sheet of aluminum foil into a head, torso, two arms, and legs. They chose a sport they were familiar with and manipulated the figure into an action pose.  This is one lesson that I have had success with across the ages! I did it again with my middle schoolers and have previously done the same lesson with my high school class last spring. I’ve had positive feedback from them all!

5th and 6th grade were given a masking tape shoe challenge. The class was divided into teams of 2-3 and they worked together to make a wearable shoe out of a brown paper bag, a piece of foam or poster board (depending on which class), and masking tape. My sub reported amazing teamwork from the 5th-grade class, and I got to witness probably the same cooperation and strategizing among the 6th graders. My room might have smelled a little funky for the rest of that afternoon but it was worth it!

Pictured, also, are the abstract name project by 6th grade. Students wrote their names using block lettering and divided their 8×8 paper into 16 pieces that they then rearranged into an abstract design and applied tempera paint for color.

All three grades have been in the process of more artwork and I will be excited to share about those projects soon! Thanks for reading!