The Fairy Tale Network

by | Feb 3, 2021

This year, our Spring play is The Fairy Tale Network and we’re inviting all 6th – 12th grade FHCS students to audition! There are scripts in the library available to check out or simply click here to view them online.

About the Script:

  • The more actors, the more possibilities and FUN
  • It is just 30 minutes long, with no scene changes (Life is Like a Double Cheeseburger was 70 minutes long with 15 scene changes)
  • We are adding a matinée to perform for the whole school
  • The actors get to interact with the audience
  • For those who don’t want a lot of lines, the Busy Bees will have a lot of character, but no lines!
  • Lots of freedom for actors to get creative with the roles

Sign up for auditions on the Callboard in the hall across from the library. Auditions will be help on Thursday, February 18th at 3:45 PM in room #110 on campus!