Tea, Trial & True Love

by | Apr 11, 2022

We are proud to present a play written and directed all in house. This play tells the story of a Colonial American family forced to house two British officers in their home before the onset of the American War for Independence. An unlikely attraction springs up between one of the lieutenants and the older sister, Mary.  Beth, the younger sister, does not approve of Mary’s attachment with the English officer, and with the help of her mischievous younger brother, she does her best to split up the undesirable relationship. Mayhem and chaos ensue as she and her brother set their plan in action, and soon they and the officers are in more trouble than Beth bargained for!

Encompassing historical events including the Boston Tea Party, quartering of officers in American’s homes, and taxation without representation, this comedic historical romance teaches important lessons about taking responsibility for your actions and the dangers of prejudice and hurtful actions.

Tea, Trial, and True Love: A Comedy in Three Acts
Written by FHCS students Fall, 2019
· April 22 – 7:00 PM
· April 23 – 2:00 PM
· Tickets: $5, Students and children under 2 are free!

Pay for tickets in the office or at the door. Cash or check. Make checks payable to Flint Hills Christian School with Spring Play in the memo line.