School-Wide Prayer Event

by | Oct 8, 2021

Dear FHCS Families,

It is great to see the moving of equipment and the pouring of concrete. Vision 2030 is becoming more of a reality with each passing day. Our building permits are secured and progress is being made. As we continue to look into the future and wonder how things will continue to unfold, there are still a number of questions that I have and I am sure that you do as well. How many students do we plan for next year? How many desks and chairs should we get? How many more books and supplies? How many new staff should we seek to hire? When should we start the hiring process?

With these questions, many more questions are raised. For instance, lead times for materials and supplies such as desks and other furnishings is now 4 months. Where it is “normally” 2-3 weeks, it is now much longer and that time may increase as well.

The one thing that I continue to find peace in is that God is not caught by surprise in any of this.  He knows exactly how everything will unfold and He is in control of it all. We just need to seek His face and trust His heart.

I am asking that you attend a prayer event that we will have on October the 17th at 4:00pm in the FHCS gym.  This will be a time where we come together asking and seeking for very specific things. Here are some of the things that we will be praying for.

  • How can you share the message and the mission of FHCS with those you know? 
  • Year End Giving
  • General Fund – Provisions
  • Building Project 
  • Staffing
  • Programs
  • Raising Warriors Gap Provisions

With the deficit in our building project, we could get anxious and fretful, but we must focus on faith and not fear.

Our Raising Warriors Campaign has achieved incredible success over the last 12 months. God has faithfully provided in so many ways. The past year has also been challenging throughout the pandemic. Construction costs saw considerable increases due to a strain on materials and labor. We have made a final adjustment to our overall goal to account for these unusual and unforeseen increases. To date, we have raised just shy of $6 million toward the increased goal of $8 million. Prayerfully consider joining us on October the 17th.

I look forward to seeing how our God will continue to provide as we seek to reach more students strategically and faithfully for the Lord through Flint Hills Christian School. Please let me know if you have any questions.

God Bless You,


Matt Zimmerman