Board meetings are typically held on the second Monday of each month and are open to the public. If you would like to add an agenda item, please give two weeks notice before the scheduled date of the meeting. You may submit an agenda item for consideration by reaching out to the principal, Matt Zimmerman, or the school board by email: or

Our board members are volunteers so please expect a 3-5 day response time. 

Flint Hills Christian School Board of Directors

  • Donna Cranford, President
  • Joe Dillon, Vice President
  • Jennifer Foveaux
  • Chris Elsey
  • Bethany Smith
  • Jenni Huxel

Board Member Selection Process

We seek people of great faith in Jesus Christ who can build upon our strong foundation and help Flint Hills Christian School flourish in its season of growth.

Between January and March, the Board engages FHCS parents, alumni, and community stakeholders and solicits interest and recommendations for FHCS Board membership for the following school year.

At the March Board meeting, the Board will form a Board Member Selection Panel Interview Team.

The Board Member Selection Panel Interview Team will conduct a panel interview of all applicants.

After the April Board meeting and with at least two weeks advance notice, the President of the FHCS Board will announce the date for a FHCS Community Meeting. In this same announcement, the President of the Board will distribute the completed applications for all Board member candidates presented by the Panel Interview Team to all FHCS community members

At the FHCS Community Meeting, the President of the Board will introduce each Board member candidate. Then, each Board member candidate will have five minutes to address the FHCS community members present. With their five minutes, Board member candidates can speak about any of the following three topics: 1) their vision for FHCS, 2) their desired areas of service, and/or 3) their qualifications and experience.

After the FHCS Community Meeting, an email will be sent to all FHCS community members that will contain a link to an anonymous online survey. The survey will ask for a “yes” vote or a “no” vote for each Board member candidate.

After the survey closes and voting is completed, the President of the Board will first inform the current Board members via email about the results, and shortly thereafter, inform all applicants of the results. The President of the Board will finally distribute a message to all FHCS community members announcing the new Board members for the following school year.