Vision 2030 – A Campaign to Serve 300 Students

Our world desperately needs more men and women to reflect the love of God as they lead and serve their families, businesses, and communities. Our society continues to move farther from the traditional Christian values it was founded upon and students are increasingly challenged by the world around them to give up their faith. If we consider that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, then investing in their spiritual as well as academic education is of great importance.

Flint Hills Christian School (FHCS), in partnership with student families, has been glorifying the Lord since 1983. As an extension of the Christian home, FHCS strives to see every child develop in mind, body, and spirit. Our ultimate goal is to equip and prepare well-educated, mature Christian men and women to best fulfill God’s calling in their lives and to reach the world for Christ. We can accomplish this goal through creating a community of faith and learning, where parents are involved in their child’s education and where students feel safe, nurtured, and encouraged to ask tough questions. The impact of FHCS extends beyond the school walls and permeates the local communities with Christ-like values. Throughout their life-long journey, the graduates of FHCS will have every opportunity to develop to their fullest potential and become humble and gracious leaders for our next generation.

FHCS has a 100% graduation rate, a small average student to teacher ratio of 11:1, and a high student retention rate of over 90%. With close to 150 current students in pre-K through 12th grade, FHCS has experienced steady growth the last several years and has run out of room to meet the future enrollment demands and growth expectations. While the school efficiently utilizes its current space and the existing land, there is significant need for expanding the footprint and providing greater security. Based on growth projection models, the ten-year plan includes doubling the current enrollment to 300 students. The greater Manhattan area is served by two counties (Pottawatomie and Riley). Combined, they have steadily grown by 16.4% over the last 9 years. This growth has impacted the population of Manhattan over the last 20 years.

Students outside

A vision for 2030 to serve 300 students

The FHCS board and senior leadership have a bold vision to strategically expand school facilities to accommodate a growing student body and maintain a high level of education while improving overall safety and security. The purpose is to provide enhanced facilities for our student body by incorporating spaces that will promote educational opportunities and supplemental services that our existing facility cannot accommodate. This vision includes:

  • Eliminating the current modular buildings.
  • Moving separate classrooms into the main school building so all educational spaces are housed under one roof.
  • Updating the overall campus appearance.
  • Providing additional classroom, kitchen and lunchroom space.
  • Improving the technology available to our students.
  • Upgrading aging HVAC and equipment, which is nearing the end of its service life.

There are four critical components to the FHCS Campus Project with classroom expansion being the greatest priority:

Classroom Expansion
Growing Academic Excellence
Elementary Education Wing
Meeting growth and impact needs
▪ 4 permanent classrooms with space for 80 additional students
▪ Music and art room / storm shelter / additional locker room / computer and technology space
▪ Expanded kitchen to provide hot lunches
▪ Double classroom space from 105 to 210 students
▪ Age-specific interactive playground with enhanced security
▪ Additional library space, kitchen, and computer lab
Inviting Creative Opportunity and Excellence
Sustaining academic and facility excellence
▪ Additional performing arts space and events center
▪ Expansion of music, drama, and arts programs
▪ Possible revenue through community rental
▪ Provide annual revenue in perpetuity for maintenance and upkeep
▪ Consider 10% of campaign gifts to be allocated for FHCS endowment

Vision 2030 for growing academic excellence – classroom expansion $2.8M

With additional classrooms, campus capacity will be able to grow by 80 students. That is 53% more students that will hear the gospel, mature in their faith, and develop academically as the future leaders of our next generation. The expanded cafeteria space, complete with a full kitchen, will enable us to provide hot meals. Additional computer and technology space will accommodate for increased student enrollment. Removing all modular units will provide a more updated campus with permanence and sustainability, thus increasing our student recruitment efforts.

Vision 2030 for meeting growth and impact needs – elementary education wing $4.0M

The addition of an elementary wing will provide for the growth needs over the next 10 years. It will increase the number of classrooms to accommodate an additional 105 elementary students. This space will also provide more room for the library, a kitchen, and a computer lab designated for elementary students. An age-specific playground will elevate the recreation experience and provide greater security. Playground space is proven to be vital for the physical, mental, intellectual, and social well-being of children.

Vision 2030 for inviting creative opportunity and excellence – auditorium $3.5M

The addition of an auditorium will allow needed expansion of the performing arts classes and programs. It will provide sufficient space for academic expansion of the music, drama, and arts classes. Performing arts play a significant role in helping children develop communication, language, and public speaking skills. Further, the Arts contributes 4.2% of the US GDP, more than agriculture, transportation, and warehousing. With a quality event center, this addition could be utilized as a rental space within the community when not being utilized by FHCS.

Priority 1 Projects Budget – Classroom Expansion
1. Classroom Expansion $2,800,000
2. Endowment $250,000
3. Campaign Expenses1 $125,000
(3.90% of project cost)
Total $3,175,000
ALL Projects Budget (various phases possible)
1. Classroom Expansion $2,800,000
2. Elementary Wing $4,000,000
3. Auditorium $3,500,000
4. Endowment $250,000
5. Campaign Expenses1 $225,000
(2.1% of project cost)
Total $10,725,000

An opportunity to build stronger student futures for life

Flint Hills Christian School will be seeking community support to secure capital funding while maintaining its model of highly-affordable and Christ-focused education that is sustainable to operate. Naming opportunities will be available for buildings and/or major spaces.

Table of Gifts Needed – Priority 1 Classroom expansion campaign only pledge over 3 years – $3,175,000
# Gifts Pledge $ in Range Dollars Percent Per Year
1 $500,000 $500,000 $500,000 16% $166,667
3 $250,000 $750,000 $1,250,000 40% $83,333
8 $100,000 $800,000 $2,050,000 65% $33,333
6 $50,000 $300,000 $2,350,000 74% $16,666
12 $25,000 $300,000 $2,650,000 83% $8,333
35 <$25,000 $525,000 $3,175,000 100% <$2,000
65     $3,175,000    

1 A successful fundraising effort incurs additional expenses beyond business as usual over the several years of intense “campaigning” by staff, board members, and other volunteers.