PreK & Kinder Progress

by | Nov 17, 2021

Wow, there is a lot to catch up on! It felt like things hit the accelerator after parent-teacher conferences and never let off!

PreK students recite Genesis 1:1 with ASL every art class. The students learned about Day 4 of Creation  – Sun, Moon, and Stars. They painted paper stars, I punched the holes and they used yarn to lace them. While I demonstrated how to lace a running stitch, students were allowed to free-stitch (which most chose to do). One student noticed a loop in hers she wore it like a necklace, and soon all the students were asking for her to help make their star wearable, too!

The next class moved on to Day 5 of Creation – Birds and Fish, and we used paper plates, strips of construction paper, raffia, and craft feathers to create a mixed media nest. I can’t believe how quickly this semester is coming to a close! Day 5 (part 2), 6, and 7 will fill our remaining weeks leading up to Christmas break!

Kindergarten began their study of Color right before parent-teacher conferences. I read Walter’s Wonderful Web to close our study of Shape and introduce the Color Wheel. Students created a wax resist painting on a paper plate by first drawing their webs using crayon and then applying tempera paint over it in the sections of a color wheel. They glued on a black pompom for a spider. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of these displayed in the hallway.  As a result of this unit, students learned color mixing and can identify the primary and secondary colors.

Kindergarten has more recently learned about Texture. We began with a found-object worksheet to identify four common textures. I brought in several still-life items and samples of various item textures (Thanks, Menards!) to discuss and learn, and all the students enjoyed the Scratch Garden art song Texture.

How could we possibly learn about texture and NOT touch clay?? Besides, a pinch pot is like a right of passage in Kindergarten. Students were very excited to work with the clay and while this can be high-stress from a prep and teaching standpoint, the experience and outcome are 100% worth it!  I connected this project to the Biblical account of Jesus speaking with the Samaritan woman at the well. We discussed our ease of running water and how in Jesus’ time (and other places in the world today) people needed to get their water from a water source and carry it home for use. Of course, Jesus was offering the woman something greater than physical sustenance when he spoke of “living water” and I hope that the students were able to grasp this spiritual concept from repetition and a couple of short videos including the Bible story and an object lesson.

The students followed my step-by-step demonstration of how to make a pinch pot  -and I think my instruction has room for improvement on this BUT- the students were pleased with their work! The following week the students painted these pinch pots and constructed a handle using beads and a fuzzy stick. The students will be bringing home their pinch pot “buckets” so be on the lookout, parents!

The activity tubs/centers for early finishers included the sample and still-life items of different textures, bristle blocks, Legos, Playdoh (some students made pinch pots again! Yay!), and plastic crocodiles that match upper and lowercase letters. I have been so impressed by the students’ ability to share limited activity tubs and materials, and the creativity and collaboration that comes from the uninstructed play.