In the Beginning – PreK

by | Sep 17, 2021

The Days of Creation is the theme for our PreK students this semester. All the art classes will explore aspects of the 6 days. (Day 7 could be an extra nap time, right? Kidding! We have art to do!)

Students have memorized Genesis 1:1. We discussed how the earth was formless and empty. I gave the students lumps of playdoh and we went through the motions of rolling that lump into a ball. This is pretty intuitive for most, but it does involve coordination that is beneficial for this age! Next, we talked about Day 1 – God Made Light! Students explored light by playing with light tables and magnetic tiles, a LiteBrite cube toy with colored pegs, and watched an Ask the Storybots episode “How Does Night Happen?” Students used a photo glossy paper, their choice of liquid watercolors, and made paintings using a salad spinner! This mimics the effects of a super cool object lesson called Magic Milk that is little kid-friendly to compare to the creating power of God. Google it and try it out at home!

Also, these children are adorable. See you next time for Day 2!