There is a level of community to be found within Christian education that is unmatched. It is made up of a diverse group of individuals who all share a common love for Jesus and a passion for academic excellence.
We have prayer groups, student retreats, fundraisers, movie nights, and so much more, but the one thing that really brings families together is our service hours requirement. We require that parents complete a certain number of hours each year in service to our students, teachers, and staff.

1. Household of full-time Pre-K student – 30 hours of approved service
2. Single parent household of full-time student – 15 hours of approved service
3. Dual parent household of full-time student – 30 hours of approved service

We require this partly to keep payroll and other expenses at a minimum, which in turns means the most affordable tuition possible, but also to display discipleship through you to your children and other students.

Areas of service include (but are not limited to) athletics, event planning, drama, library, lunchroom, becoming a board member, classroom coordinator, baking treats/making meals, skilled labor, and school maintenance.