National School Choice Week

by | Jan 3, 2020

January 27-31, 2020, is National School Choice Week, which serves to raise public awareness of K-12 school choice options including public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, online academics, and homeschooling, as well as the importance of opportunity in education.

Monday, 1/27: 8:30 am — FHCS or other SPORTS WEAR will be encouraged to be worn to kick off the week! ALL classes meet in the gym for a welcome pep rally. Prayer and pledges will take place, followed by Mr. Snyder giving an explanation and highlights of School Choice Week. A school choice routine will be performed by the students and faculty, and scarves will be thrown into the groups of students. Expect Fort Riley soldiers to be in attendance.

Tuesday, 1/28: Hat day! Elementary (and secondary?) students will write thank you letters on FHCS letterhead to their parents for sending them to FHCS. 

Wednesday, 1/29:  Wear FHCS spirit wear! At 8:30 AM, 2020 seniors will parade down the elementary hallway displaying the grades they started at FHCS. Elementary teachers — have your students lined up on either side of the hallway to allow seniors to parade down the middle at 8:30. Secondary students will finish working on decorating their lockers, to be completed by Thursday morning. Elementary students will each have an “I love FHCS” sign or writing to be displayed in the hallway for Thursday.  Graduation caps will also be “decorated” to be displayed on each grade’s door on the elementary side. There is no secondary chapel.

Thursday, 1/30: Dress to impress — all students should dress their best! Teachers, have your classrooms and hallways ready for the open house from 4:30-6:30 PM. 

Friday, 1/31: Wear yellow! Pep rally in the gym at 2:45 PM for all students. Mr. Snyder will wrap/rap things up. Mr. Parenti will have scheduled team games and the school choice routine will be performed again.