Junior High – Street Art

by | Sep 22, 2021

The featured image is me, driving me to school to teach PreK in the morning and the Junior High and High School electives all afternoon… in case you wondered what it feels like. Thanks for the relatable meme, internet!

Junior High just recently finished their street art projects! We discussed vandalism vs. art and looked at the artwork from three notable street artists. We discussed common themes of lettering, narrative, and character. Students chose one of these themes to base their personal artwork on. Students first made newspaper collages and then drew their street art designs using sharpies, tempera paint sticks, and/or acrylic paint. I wish I could show them all! But here is a small selection to include examples of all three themes and different techniques to this art project.

I was impressed with the depth of some ideas that came from this class. Great work, Warriors!