Different children learn in different ways. And that’s exactly why we designed our program to add curriculum opportunities for homeschool students.

Need an opportunity for physical education?

How about secondary biology?

Maybe your student is seeking new extracurricular activities such as participating in a sports team or scholars bowl.

How about being challenged by an AP course?

Regardless of where your child is academically, we invite you to explore adding FHCS to your family’s community of educational partners. 

4th – 12th grade students who receive their primary instruction in the home are welcome to participate in classes and extracurricular activities at FHCS. The admission process is the same for homeschool families as it is for full-time students. Start dates are the first of every semester.

To review policy concerning Enrollment Requirements: FHCS Board Policy Manual > Sections 300 – 304.5. To review policy concerning Homeschool Partnership: FHCS Board Policy Manual > Section 309

We have homeschooled from the very beginning and enrolled our daughter for the first time this year in several classes at Flint Hills. It has been a great experience. My daughter has been able to take Spanish, Zoology, and Algebra 2 in a classroom setting with like-minded peers, while continuing to take other classes at home. The instructors she has had this year have been amazing at answering questions and helping her adjust. She has been able to participate in a lot of the school events. As a whole, we have felt very welcomed and are loving our experience with FHCS! — Mrs. Buchanan