FHCS Dedicates Library in Honor of Late Amy Ward

by | Jul 3, 2023

Flint Hills Christian School (FHCS) is deeply honored to announce the dedication of its newly renovated library in honor of Amy Ward, a cherished member of the FHCS community.

The “Amy Louise Friesen Ward Memorial Library” is a tribute to Amy’s unwavering dedication, numerous years of service, and her enduring love for reading and learning. The library, with its expansive collection of books and serene reading space, aims to inspire a love of reading, the pursuit of knowledge, and a heart for Jesus, all of which Amy held dearly.

“Mr. Zimmerman, Principal of Flint Hills Christian School, said, “Amy Ward’s impact on our community was profound. She devoted countless years to our school by nurturing a love for learning and books in our students. This library stands as a testament to her enduring legacy.”

Amy’s connection with the school as librarian, drama coach, and lunch lady has left a lasting impact on the entire FHCS community. This library serves not only as a symbol of Amy’s contribution to the school but also as a beacon of the love for learning she fostered during her years of service.

The dedication ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, July 22 at 10:00 AM and will include a word from principal Mr. Zimmerman as well as from her loving husband, Eric Ward. The library will be open to view  with a special table set up to display Amy’s favorite books. A brief reception will also be held. FHCS invites all families, faculty, students, alumni, and local community members to join in this celebration of Amy’s life and legacy.