Fall Themes in First Grade

by | Nov 18, 2021

First-grade students continue to impress me with their consistent effort and attentiveness! Their clay owls turned out amazing and are based on the book Wow! Said the Owl. I used this book as a bridge between our study of Shape and the introduction of Color.

Next, students learned about the Biblical account of Esau selling his birthright to his brother Jacob, and we connected this lesson to a mosaic project using dry beans and corn kernels. I discussed the meaning of mosaic and radial design; however, students were able to choose the direction of their own project. Pictured is an example of a student’s radial design and another’s mosaic picture of a boat with birds.

Combining the mixed media concept of the owl project and the excessive gluing (“dot, dot/not a lot” went out the window) of the bean mosaic, the students then worked on an Indian corn project using craft styrofoam snowballs and strips of packing paper. Due to my absence, they stepped away from the project for a week and will be adding paint to the styrofoam kernels this week during art class.

It has been a productive fall-themed month+, and I am looking forward to a few Christmas-themed weeks before the end of the semester with this class!