We are delighted to present the Flint Hills Christian School Business Directory, a compilation of exceptional local businesses owned, co-owned, or managed by our school parents. This list serves as a powerful platform for our vibrant Flint Hills Christian School community to come together and support one another.
By patronizing these trusted businesses, we can build deeper connections within our community and actively contribute to the success and growth of our fellow parents. Each transaction becomes an opportunity to foster stronger bonds, build meaningful relationships, and create a network of support that extends beyond the school grounds.
We invite you to explore the directory, discover new businesses, and engage in this powerful network of support. By doing so, you not only help the growth of our local economy but also strengthen the fabric of our Flint Hills Christian School community.

CGN Advisors

Contact: Roxanne Martens
512 Poyntz Avenue, Suite 120 Manhattan KS 66502 Work Phone: (785) 340-3434 Website:
Photo of CGN Advisors
Categories: Financial Advisor, Investment Management

LISTING REQUIREMENT: All self-employed business owners or managers must have at least one student presently enrolled. 

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Our school is not affiliated with any of the businesses on this list other than enrollment. We cannot and do not make any guarantees concerning services rendered. However, given the mission, purpose and core values of Flint Hills Christian School, it is our hope that every experience will glorify God. If ever needed, we encourage the Matthew 18 approach for conflict resolution.