Reading Buddies’ Felt Monsters!

by | Dec 6, 2021

It’s been a tough fall ya’ll. Thank you for your patience with the long gaps in posts!  A few months back, I mentioned that the kindergarten students designed their own monsters as part of their study of Shape in art class. Our little secret was that the 6th-grade students would sew them into 3D reality.

That day has finally come!!… Annnd went because that’s how my semester has been.

These wonderful students actually finished the felt monsters in art class prior to our Thanksgiving break. This gave me time to grade and prep the monsters for gifting. The Monday we returned, I had amazing support from classroom teachers to coordinate the 6th graders giving these, themselves, to their kindergarten reading buddies. I made sure to first hand back the design pages to the kindergarteners because they all forgot ever making the design, to begin with! (Who can blame them?)  And then the 6th graders handed out their gift bags containing the personalized felt creations. The smiles of surprise on the little faces were PRECIOUS, to say the least.

I am so proud of the continuous effort and perseverance of our 6th-grade students during this project! Many had never attempted sewing before so threading and knotting a needle was a new skill. Not to mention my needles are dull and it proved frustrating for most, if not all, when sewing through a couple layers of felt. The project took several weeks more than I anticipated and I appreciate that these students came in and worked hard each and every class to make these special. I really don’t recall any complaints whatsoever even when stitches had to be taken out and resewn. I love you all for it, 6th Grade!

I hope to give them a project they will want to keep for themselves before we end the first semester.

*Credit where credit is due: the monster templates were downloaded from the blog It’s Always Autumn under her free sewing projects. A large amount of the felt was donated by my sister-in-law; her generosity made this project possible!  Also, a huge thanks to Ms. Maya and Mrs. H for taking pictures for the respective kindergarten classes.