Artist Studies in 2nd & 3rd Grade

by | Sep 24, 2021

I love art education. I believe so much in the education piece. I love the versatility of art to incorporate Bible, science, history, literature, artist studies and so much more! Our 2nd and 3rd graders have been learning about and looking at the art of two still-living artists. The students always look so surprised to find out that an artist is still alive — it’s a little comical.

2nd-grade students learned about Dale Chihuly and his glass artwork. It was a fun coincidence that their art class day happened to be this artist’s 80th birthday! The students learned about the basics of Color Theory and chose a color scheme to apply to their coffee filter macchias. This project and paper mache really separate the students who embrace the mess and those that avoid it. Some students used their “placemat” papers to continue painting with the washable marker and Elmer’s glue mess even after their project was done! These are a simple and stunning project if you can handle dyed fingers for a couple of days. The students are excited to apply their color theory knowledge to plastic plates (and applying heat!) next week to finish our unit on Dale Chihuly.

3rd-grade students learned about Romero Britto and his Happy Art Movement. We first looked at Britto’s Garden and the students were able to connect the visual themes of this specific work to the Garden of Eden. (They weren’t told the title of the artwork until the end). Students completed a practice page of patterns, line designs, and color blocking. They applied this knowledge to a clay slab project – choosing either a dog or cat. The students cut out their animals from clay slab. Then they used various tools such as skewers, popsicle sticks, beads, and chopsticks to create a Britto-inspired pet. The students finished this project by painting the surface with brightly colored acrylic paints.

Some projects take multiple weeks to complete and I appreciate the patience and perseverance especially of our younger artists!